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SILverslagen ('SILsummaries') is the number one provider of various English-written summaries for International Relations & Organisations, Psychology & International Studies. We will provide you with a selection of year 1 & 2 summaries. Please click on the links below to see the summaries that are currently on sale for your study 

For International Studies: Click here

For International Relations and Organisations: Click here

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It works like this

Every monday we will upload the latest summaries from the week before. So on Monday in week 2 of your lectures, we will upload the summary of lecture number 1. Click on 'read more' to get more information. 

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SIL is looking for students! Do you study International relations and organizations or Security Studies (year 1 or 2) and do you want to earn money at the same time? Leave your details on the website and we will contact you!

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About SIL

SIL (Stichting Intermediar Leiden) is a non profit organisation run by students currently studying at Leiden University. Since 2003, SILverslagen has been providing summaries of lectures and literature for various studies. We started out with summaries for law, and have added studies like criminology, public administration, history, political science and fiscal law.

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